It begins with a spark, a brief flicker of an idea. It must be nutured, if you push too hard or too little, it ceases to exist. 


Samuel’s exhibition is an exploration of the creation of an idea, and the journey you take along the way. 

A table is a versatile object, it is a place to study and work, a place to reflect, a place where we come together and share stories. A place where ideas are developed and transformed into something tangible. It is sturdy and stable. It silently watches and listens, and absorbs the memories of all who visit deep into its wooden core. 


Thread has long since been a symbol of one’s life and journey. 


In Japanese mythology, it is believed that a red string is attached to your pinky. Throughout the adventure of life, this string will never knot, never break, but ties you and leads you to the person you are destined to meet.


The Norns of Norse Mythology and the Fates of the Ancient Greeks handle the threads of fate, spinning out the destiny of all who walk the earth. 


It reminds me of one’s journey. The path you travel. It is a reminder of the lessons you have learnt, both good and bad. Of the events that have shaped and influenced you. The process used to make you who you are today. It is the people you meet along the way that weave together to create friendships, to work as a team, and bring stories to the stage. Creating the tapestry, we call life. 


Samuel also introduces his love for stories and sharing unique perspectives and ideas on the stage. He particularly enjoys theatre that weaves the real, the emotional and the human within a fantastical environment, and when performances explore relationship dynamics and connections on stage. He is particularly fascinated by live performance’s ability to create visceral, palpable tension, emotion and authenticity within the interactions and relationships between the performer and the audience. 

Lastly, this exhibition hints towards who Samuel is, and what he is emerging as he steps into the industry. The table is also a Manager’s table. It is filled with prompt copies, props and unusual items that have been used to create several works while Samuel has studied at QUT. His QUT productions are archived on CD cases and stored for future use. 


Knitting also makes an entrance, as Samuel multitasks his passions and interests with his career. 


Peter Pan - a symbol of child-like wonder, imagination, youthful innocence and escapism, reminds Samuel of the joy and magic of theatre, and his passion in working with children and helping out the future generations wherever he can. 


Exhibition video coming soon